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Online entries open 2 weeks prior to event. You can enter through Thursday noon prior to event. Draw will be posted by Friday AM. Once draw is posted, all fees are due and payable. Entries taken on site – No late fees.

On-site entries cash only – checks accepted with prior arrangement. $50 charge for insufficient funds. No Dress Code unless otherwise stated.

All classes - Please be ready - next drag needs to be in the barn - you will receive 3 calls - then you are scratched. No horses tied inside the holding area.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any horse or rider.

No dogs in the Kiplinger or Alice indoor. ALL dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Order of events:
Open, Youth, Peewees
Poles (Sat only)

Open 4D - $45 EF each day

1. Unless otherwise stated, BBR rules apply.
2. 80% payback of EF, 100% payback added money
3. Split of the 80% of fees is 35-30-20-15%. Added money is split equally among the D’s.
4. 4D 1/2 split - knocked over barrel is a no time
5. The same horse cannot run twice unless by immediate family member.
6. If a horse falls, no rerun.
7. You will receive a rerun if a timer failure, however any penalties will carry forward.

Senior Sidepot - $25 EF each day
1. 4D ½ sec split
2. 50 Yrs & over as of start of the winter series (Nov race)

2D Futurity Sidepot – $35 EF unless otherwise stated
1. 5 years & under as of Jan 1st, (cannot have competed prior to Nov 15th)
2. Full second split


2D Derby Sidepot - $35 EF
1. 8 years & under (cannot enter both futurity & derby sidepots of same year)
2. .75 second split


3D Youth - $25 EF each day
1. 18 years of age & younger as of the start of the winter series (Nov race).
2. Full second split
3. Youth may carry their time from the open but must designate before they make their first run.


PeeWees - $5
1. 8 & under as of start of the winter series (Nov race)
2. No office fee


Poles 2D - EF $35 (Saturday Only)
1. 1 ½ sec split
2. Open to all
3. No time for knocked over pole


Each contestant will earn 5 base points in the division they place in PLUS bonus points based on how they place and according to how many runners. If one person places more than once in a division, they receive the 5 base points for each placing. but only the bonus points for the highest placing in that division. Runs with penalties will not receive any points.


1-50 runners = 10 pts for first, 9 for 2nd, etc.
50-100 runners - 15 pts for 1st, 14 for 2nd, etc.
100-150 - 20 pts for 1st, etc.
150-200- 25 Pts for 1st, etc.

For example - a person winning the 1D with 90 runners will receive 5 base points plus their bonus points of 15 = 20 points. If this person also places in the 1D on an additional horse, they will only receive 5 additional base points. POINTS are on rider only.


We award a scholarship to a High School graduation senior who has been competing in our barrel racing

series for a minimum of 6 races the last two years thru the first weekend of March. This will be a cash

scholarship to use as you see fit. The check will be made out to the winning applicant AND either one

parent or guardian. The scholarship panel will consist of 3 impartial people that are not familiar with our

barrel racers and applications will be submitted to the panel with a number only.

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